E & E

E&E Drive-in, on the Conception  Bay Highway in Brigus, was opened in 1968 by Ernie Green and his wife Vera. Born in Portugal Cove in 1944, Green worked as a cook at the Holiday Inn before opening his own restaurant. Although he named the take-out, "E&E Drive-In" after himself and his son Ernie Jr, who was a baby at the time, people from neighboring communities just as often refer to the establishment as "Ernies Green's." Today Ernie Sr. is retired and Ernie Jr. runs the restaurant with his brother Tony.

    E&E serves mainly fried fast food, including various kinds of chicken (wings, legs, fillets), French fries, onion rings, and some snacks. One of the most well-known features of the fried food is its thick, wet batter. 



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